A Student’s View of the Book

I have discovered Tantra at a workshop hosted by Elsbeth and Freddy and I have been practicing it for almost a year. This book is great because the authors demystify the concept of Tantra, presenting it as a way to connect with the creative energy that is in me (and each of us). Tantra is not only about good sex, intimacy and love, but about keeping that connection with emotional well being and a gateway to love and spirituality.

Here, Tantra is independent of religious beliefs and consists of a set of practices that I found effective to reconnect with “energetic self” and to stay connected with it throughout each day. Breathing practices and meditation could be done alone or in couple (regardless of sex and gender) and helped me reach that inner awareness (sometimes referred to as the “observer”) from where I choose how to let my emotions flow, letting go of past negative emotions or old behavioral patterns. I do the pc-muscle exercise and the “chakra listening practice” at the end of each day to reconnect to my inner harmony and calmness. Now I feel that healing energy, and I also have a deeper sexual awareness about my self and my partner.

The book is concise, clearly written and has plenty of examples and references that allow a clear understanding of the concepts presented.

I definitely recommend this book if it’s the first time you are reading about Tantra or if you want to try practical meditation practices.

- Pepito Sbazzeguti