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Sexual Enlightenment provides a guide for anyone—from couples to singles, from parents to students, from professionals to entrepreneurs—looking for bringing lasting fulfillment into their lives, relationships and work. Introducing cutting-edge principles and inspiring practices on how to access innate creative energy, listen to the wisdom of the heart, and connect with the power of the conscious mind, Dr. Elsbeth Meuth and Freddy Zental Weaver offer a road map that can alter and enlighten the way you look at sexual energy, love, and your conscious self.

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Kirkus Reviews

In this guidebook for sexual awareness and enjoyment, the authors deliver narrative stories and explanations to help demystify sex and bring depth and meaning to readers’ sexual lives.
Meuth and Weaver present compelling information about what it means to have sexual experiences that involve mental, emotional and physical engagement.

Beginning with a foundation for sexual knowledge, the authors define sexual enlightenment as having two dimensions: The first revolves around “sexual life-force energy, which brings forth life in all that is alive”; The second “involves the human capacity to be self-reflective or aware of one’s own existence, particularly becoming aware and conscious of one’s life-force energy.”

Sexual enlightenment also involves an integration of the mind and body, which produces an awareness of the self as it fits into the greater sexual force of the world. Written conversationally, the book dives into not only definitions of an enlightened sexual life but also ways to strive toward awareness, including meditation, conscious breathing and “energy awareness,” which involves becoming aware of the sexual energy that moves around and through us. The book also presents a variety of passages that offer historical context for sexuality, such as the rise of Tantric sexual discovery and the ways in which Puritanism, Hinduism and other ideological institutions have conceived of the sexual experience. Movement and physicality are deeply connected to our emotions, the authors say, which have been trained by experiences, both good and bad. In order to move the emotional body away from anger, victimhood and other negative emotions that stunt sexual energy and life force, the authors posit that one “can make a conscious decision to shift out of this auto-emotional state of reaction and actually invent other interpretations by calling on your ‘witness state.’ ” For example, maybe that driver who cut you off was actually racing to be with his pregnant wife who has gone into labor; such reasoning (even if invented) should calm your senses, the authors say, and thus help return you to inner peace.

Elsewhere, drawing from theories involving chakras and energy fields, the authors examine the physical body and the areas of the body that emanate sexual energy. Much like a touch from a lover can be arousing, a cool breeze or heat from the sun’s rays can excite the body, further encouraging the idea that creative, sexual energy comes from within, not from the validation and acknowledgment of others. These kinds of lessons and reinforcements make the book a valuable read for anyone seeking a deeper relationship with his or her sexual self.

An informed, dynamic exploration of sexual history and energy.”


Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith

World-Renowned Spiritual Pioneer and Author, Life Visioning

Freddy Zental and Elsbeth are two of the most spiritually skillful people at bringing an untainted teaching and practice of the ancient art of Tantra to Western shores, showing us how informed sex supports not only our innate longing for union, but also our overall well-being.


Christine Krumsee

Blogger, Yoga Instructor

What is Sexual Enlightenment? This question, posed in the very first chapter of the new book by authors Dr. Elsbeth Meuth and Freddy Zental Weaver, sparks a compelling examination of human being’s relationship with sex, sexuality, and the energy that underlies this fundamental part of human existence. Throughout millennia, sexuality has been enshrouded in unconsciousness and repression, creating much suffering and dysfunction, both in relationship to one’s self and to one another. Sexual Enlightenment attempts to change all of that, to shed light on this unconsciousness, to bring spirituality to sexuality, and to create a new understanding around sexual energy – one beyond intercourse and beyond all of our common notions of sex as we know it.

Sexual Enlightenment demystifies the main-stream understanding of “Tantra” (which is often limited to sex) by taking it out of the bedroom and into life as a whole. It looks at sexuality from the perspective of “life force energy,” which can be thought of as the creative spark that began life on the planet and that continues to perpetuate life today. For humans, sex, which is inherently pleasurable, is the means in which new life is created. Therefore, human life force energy is sexual in nature and present in anything we do that is creative and joyful. Moving towards Sexual Enlightenment consists of deepening our understanding of and bringing consciousness to this sexual life force energy so that we may use it to fuel all aspects of our lives.

Meuth and Weaver propose that “when life force sexual energy is unencumbered and free of past personal stories and collective interpretations that no longer serve us, creativity and pleasure are more accessible to us everywhere in life.” They outline three areas in which readers can begin to work with their sexual life force energy; “conscious breathing, meditation, and energy awareness (both aroused and non-aroused).”

As the founders of TantraNova Institute, Meuth and Weaver have lead thousands of clients through these practices, empowering them to create fulfilling lives. Sexual Enlightenment is rich with their fine-tuned knowledge and masterful teaching that can only come from years of experience and dedication. Along with well developed arguments, thorough explanations, and scientific support, the book contains many first-hand accounts from clients who have experienced profound life changes, further illustrating the potential – and power – of this work.

Sexual Enlightenment gives readers not only the “why” but also the “how.” The final section of the book lays out in detail six specific practices that the reader can do at home; the first five of which are also available via a free audio download while the sixth is available as a home-study video program.

Sexual Enlightenment is an essential read for everyone who wishes to free themselves from unnecessary suffering and empower themselves to be the creator of their life. In summary, ‘Sexual enlightenment is not about intercourse making the world a better place. It’s about what sexual energy means to us as a creative force of existence and how by listening to it we can bring consciousness to our sexual energetic selves and create greater physical, emotional and spiritual health and well-being.


Jan Smith

Founder and President of Center for Authentic Leadership, Inc

Freddy Zental and Elsbeth are two of the most spiritually skillful people at bringing an untainted teaching and practice of the ancient art of Tantra to Western shores, showing us how informed sex supports not only our innate longing for union, but also our overall well-being.


Caroline Muir

Author of Tantra Goddess, A Memoir of Sexual Awakening & Co-Author of Tantra: The Art of Conscious Loving

It takes devotion to live a beloved relationship as well as teach the practices of relating and loving through Tantra. Elsbeth and Freddy have stood the test of time. They radiate the gifts of this consciousness for loving. Sexual Enlightenment is like reaching for heaven on earth and finding it in the eyes of one another. Praises to these two devoted beings of love.


Charles Muir

Director Source School of Tantra & Co-Author of Tantra: The Art of Conscious Loving

Freddy and Elsbeth are excellent teachers in the new age of sexual consciousness. Their book will enlighten you to the possibilities of transforming normal sex to a spiritual art form. Through wisdom, woven together with real life stories, you will learn about sexual energy, removing its blocks and discovering its ecstasy


Neal Rogin

Author and Filmmaker, The Awakening Universe

In this remarkable book, Elsbeth and Freddy Zental share a profoundly important and liberating insight: that sexual life force energy—the fundamental spark of life itself—can be harnessed to ignite our creativity, open our hearts, light up our lives and illuminate our souls. Based on their groundbreaking work with thousands of individuals and couples over the past decade, they show us, with simple yet powerful practices, how we can consciously direct this primal power to realize the birthright of every human being, a life full of joy, creativity, pleasure and love.


Dr. Darren R. Weissman

Best Selling Author of The Power of Infinite Love & Gratitude and Developer of The LifeLine Technique®

I have experienced Elsbeth Meuth and Freddy Weaver ‘up-close and personal’ and their healing practice and teachings of TantraNova® are the real deal. Sexual Enlightenment provides a significant new approach to creating harmony and balance within us by raising our consciousness and putting it into a daily practice. Blending ancient wisdom with practical holistic intimacy exercises, this book will empower you to experience a deep knowing of compassion . . . a sensitive art and science that is so necessary for the evolution of our consciousness in today’s world


Mark Anthony Lord

Author of Though Shall Not Suffer – Seven Steps to a Life of Joy! Founder/Spiritual Director of Bodhi Spiritual Center, Chicago.

Freddy and Elsbeth have dedicated their lives to assisting singles, couples, gay, straight and everyone in between awaken to their inherent sexual power and inner beauty – to return to spiritual wholeness. As regular workshop leaders at Bodhi Spiritual Center I have experienced the depth of their teachings firsthand and therefore find this book most timely and important. Praise for this work and congratulations to you who are reading it – you are blessed.


Linda Bloom

Co-Author of 101 Things I Wish I Knew When I Got Married: Simple Lessons to Make Love Last and Secrets of Great Marriages: Real Truths from Real Couples about Lasting Love

Creativity, focus, energy, greater health, longevity, passion, presence, strong relationships, pleasure, spiritual awakening, love, and joy emerge from the practices of sexual consciousness. Let’s learn them all from these gifted authors.